Pre-Surgery Experience

Hi everyone! So it’s been roughly 4 months since my surgery and I finally decided to sit down and write about my whole experience. Overall, I have to say that I’m super glad that I was able to do my jowls and neck liposuction because it really made a difference in my appearance. In fact, a few people thought that I actually lost weight because my jowl fat was reduced! I hope that my blog post will help you visualize what it’s like to go through the entire process. I will be as thorough as I can from top to bottom because reading other people’s blog posts really helped me know exactly what I was signing up for. I’ll also leave some of my own opinions here and there, so I hope it helps!

To begin, I’d like to thank Dr. Arthur Tjandra for my amazing transformation. I would not have been able to lose the stubborn fats on my face if it wasn’t for him. Literally. No matter how much weight I lost, jowl and neck fats are there to stay. Unless they’re manually removed haha.

A little (vague-ish) background info: I’m a teenage girl from Southeast Asia and I study in the U.S.! I would not consider myself super fat, but I wouldn’t call myself stick skinny either. Okay I think that’s all you need to know.

I don’t exactly remember how I came across Dr. Arthur, but if I’m not wrong, I was feeling rather down one day and I decided to Google/YouTube something along the lines of “liposuction before after”. And thus, I came across Dr. Arthur! By watching tons of those before & after videos he posted, I was immediately sold. I pretty much became obsessed with his videos. I’d watch it whenever I had free time. (I was really hooked… I watched those videos everyday and even remembered a lot of the cases by heart.) I’m usually very skeptical about these things because I’ve seen a few people who’ve claimed they had liposuction before, but to me, I did not see a difference. Those doctors are what I call AMERICAN DOCTORS. So I decided to do more research about Dr. Arthur and how I can contact him. Eventually I managed to e-mail Jennifer about my inquiries and she replied promptly. Everything worked out well because I planned on going back to Asia that summer anyways.

Jennifer and I exchanged roughly 40 e-mails before everything was confirmed. She replied to all of my questions, booked my surgery date, explained the process, told me what I needed to get done before the surgery, what I needed to buy, safety precautions, etc. (You will receive the same e-mails if you decide to proceed with the surgery) And I remember during this process, I actually wanted to get a blood test in the U.S. instead, since I was still here. However, it’s actually cheaper and faster to get it done at the lab in Singapore because they receive the results on the same day if you get it done before 9am. I decided to wait it out and fly to Singapore for a couple of days before flying to Medan. Although it’s not advised, I booked my tickets to Medan before they even received my blood test results. (Don’t do this unless you are certain that you won’t fail the blood test, and if you do, be aware that you won’t be able to do the surgery even if you already booked your flight.)

After a long flight from across the world, I finally arrived Singapore at 4am. On that very day, I went to the lab in Orchard. It was a super fast and painless process and you’d be out within a matter of less 30 minutes. It cost me USD 66. Then, you’ll have to wait until Elixir De Vie receives your blood test and e-mails you telling you whether or not you’re good to go for surgery. Only then, you will be asked to buy specific garments depending on which part of your body you’d like to have liposuction done. I bought garments for my arms and neck at Guardian!

On July 12th, I flew to Medan. I reached before noon and decided to take the train to Medan’s city center. Honestly, I would say just take the train because its faster, cheaper, and super clean. I thought the train would’ve been a lot more filthier than it really is but it was actually pleasant! When I arrived the last stop, I was then greeted by the driver. He was holding a paper that said my name. It was the first time I was greeted like that and I thought it was a pretty grand gesture haha! I totally forgot about changing my currency to IDR so I told the driver that I had to go to the money changer before going to the clinic. If you want to skip this step, remember to prepare some IDR so that it’s less of a hassle when you get there. I remember when I was in the car, I felt a little uneasy because I was actually in a foreign country alone and about to be operated on. However, when I arrived the clinic, the nurses there were very friendly and accommodating. It felt like it was such a normal process. I even asked if there were people in the clinic and it was no surprise that everyone was foreign as well.